Asset Management System


Do you find it hard to safeguard your assets and manage it efficiently? Then you have certainly come at a right place. At TIS, we provide a comprehensive solution in asset management and also deliver a professional recommendation on which asset will provide the highest return for the investor.

Asset Management

What is Asset Management?

Asset management system is basically the management of physical asset including financial investments, technology, production machines and other substantial supplies. Such management of assets enables an organization to examine the needs and performance of assets at different levels.

Why it is useful?

Today, business integrated solutions play a vital role since they provide you many opportunities to increase your performance and improve your reputation. You make use of technological services to avoid certain drawbacks that affects your functions and profits. Also, you must want to take care of your assets to ensure better results. So, an ideal solution to consider all these aspects is the use of asset management services.

How TIS differentiate from others?

TIS asset management strategy sets out the vision, core values and objectives that shape the framework for the preparation of asset management. We provide a tailor-made, technical and operational support service to improve everyday running of property assets and public infrastructure. By using innovative delivery models, utilizing multi-skilled facilities and maintenance teams, we offer our clients a one-stop solution for asset management services.

Our specialists work as a team to set financial goals, review projections and analyzing current and past data. We cover many areas like education, local authority, health care, government, commercial and many more.

We focus on numerous tasks that highlight various disciplines such as:

  • Evaluating and revising financial reporting requirements
  • Analyzing failing systems and outdated facilities
  • Developing computer applications for geographic information system, billing and utility management
  • Applying appropriate techniques in financial management, project management, maintenance, real property management, space occupancy and environmental compliance.
We offer a wide range of services in properly keeping track and recording all the assets of clients. This includes:
  • Data and system management
  • Asset register
  • Work flow and business procedures
  • Information technology and system integration
  • Onsite staffing
  • Risk Management
  • Technical support services

-: Benefits you get :-

Employee Improved performance of employees Few systems in our asset management can help in improving the performance of the business by identifying the location of mobile workers and their activities. Besides, it also eliminates any delays in locating resources.
Trouble Trouble-free CommunicationOur system ensures better communication as some systems have automatic data connection link with the office staff. This allows the individuals to record, monitor assets and prevent the risk of losing vital documents.
Demands Cater the demands of your business We also provide tools that cater to the needs of your employees inside and outside of your business area. This helps them to enhance their performance and provide better services to the clients.
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