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What is Content Management System


Why Content Management System?

Content Management System is the most popular software being employed today. It helps you manage pages and track every piece of information on the website which is similar to using a library filled with books and managing them. The content on the web pages can be a simple text, documents, images, videos or it can be anything. CMS requires no technical knowledge or skill to manage and maintain it, as everything about your content is taken care of by CMC.

Websites developed with Content Management Systems are very simple, easy to use and also offer the flexibility to customize the website. It gives a huge boost to small business or organization that does not have a massive tech budget

Joomla Joomla Small businesses consider many factors such as cost, time, quality, flexibility and control over creating a business website. Joomla is a win- win CMS solution in every aspect. At a fair price, you have a website the way you want and it’s easy to maintain and update.
Wordpress WordPress WordPress more popularly known as a blogging platform has now become a powerful content management system useful for creating small business websites, affiliate SEO sites or personal sites. One interesting fact about WordPress is that it has the biggest usage rate (15.70%) for a number of reasons.
Dot Net Nuke-DNN DNN DNN is a CMS that is based on ASP.NET. DotNetNuke is excellent in terms of security and offers fast performance in terms of displaying content. It is highly preferred for custom application development and enterprise solutions.
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