Development Methodology

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Devolopment Methodology

Client Contacts TIS


Client Assessment This is an important stage which lays the foundation of your project. We take time to assess your company’s goals, drivers and requirements. This end-to-end assessment leads to deep understanding which brings out everything we then do for you.

Signing Non Disclosure Agreement TIS assures project and data confidentiality in such a way as to develop long-term with clients. We ensure the data security, confidentiality and also respect the privacy of the information provided by the client. TIS have also signed NDAs for clients on request.


Research Once we receive the data from you such as company profile, product description and other important data, we dig deep on the internet to obtain relevant information resources which helps us to get acquainted with your industry, your competition and audience.

Propose During the project analysis and proposal phases, our designers and developers sit together and have a detailed discussion by sharing their inputs from different perspectives- strategic, operational, creative and technical. We then present a crystal clear proposal aligned with your business objectives.


Planning Planning is very important in communicating expectations and delivering an awesome project experience. In this phase, we define the steps and plot the course that will allow the project to be completed within the timeframe and budget. We also keep you involved during the planning process by understanding your key milestones, sharing the project resourcing and discussing any identified project risks. We follow an agile approach and respond to changes if appropriate, then communicate the altered plan when risks arise.

Design using this phase, we put in everything to create the site’s ‘metaphor’, the look and feel, the content flow throughout the website, intuitive and logical organizational foundation of the site and the functionality. These concepts are presented to you for your evaluation, alteration and approval.
Creating wireframes
Finalizing the Website organization
Colour scheme approval
Finalizing the Menu arrangement <


Development This phase involves execution of your vision turning into reality. Once the client approves the user centric design concept, we start the development process using the approved graphics, content, images, navigation, complete code, database design, etc. on our local server.

Test and QA Our team members are committed to delivering quality in everything they do. That’s the reason why we take testing and QA very seriously. We perform the following test activities:
Functionality test
Performance test
Cross Browser Compatibility test
Cross device testing
Programming debugging <


Launch After carrying out various tests and modifying the site for performance gain, we transfer the website to a web server for the user’s access. Once the site is launched, we work with you to make sure you can login and provide on-site training for content and site management. We also offer clients free bug fixing support for 6 months


On-going Maintenance Plan