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Security Management

If you hold an administrative position, then you ought to understand the meaning of the words “privacy is an illusion”. Due to the increasing number of attacks, robberies, violence, mishaps and other issues associated with liability and damages many companies have started acknowledging the concept of monitoring employees through a surveillance system. In fact, its market is estimated to grow to about 4 times in 2014 than it was in the year 2006. This statistics shows that the demand for such security system is gaining momentum all across the world.

What a Surveillance System can do?

  • Minimize non-business related activities such as browsing
    social networking sites, private surfing or instant messaging.
    It is essential to monitor such activities as it leads to lower productivity.
  • Keep the employees away from offensive graphic materials
  • Prevent them from cheating the time clock
  • Record telemarketing activities that shows the efficiency and order of the organization
  • Keep personal information in safe hands
With such positive outcomes, do you want to purchase and install security system at your work place? If yes, then you might be wondering what the next step is? You might have seen many security systems online along with the tales of people who installed them successfully. However, when it comes to procuring surveillance system for business, it can be daunting task to undertake yourself. Hence, the best way route is to hire a surveillance installer to help you design, purchase and install the system.

TIS – An Ideal Destination for Surveillance System


We at TIS are the groundbreakers in surveillance system. We specialize in providing with intelligent security systems that meets the variegated requirements of our clients.

We provide a wealth of services to the people just like you who are concerned about their business and its properties. This includes Database storage server, Background service, history, Remote Installation, single minute update, etc. Our services always help you to step in the right direction when it comes to safety and security. We never start any project before consulting with you about the types of equipment that you need to install anywhere in your property. This allow you to order the cameras for surveillance, digital video records and other important things with ease that you need to get started with. Our responsibility doesn’t end by just installing the surveillance system. We are also available round the clock to solve all your queries that you might have with the system. Whether you have an advanced question or you simply like to hear a little bit more about the things that are available for you, we help you every step of the way.

Benefits you get from our security surveillance system:

  • Monitors the activities of your employees
  • Prevent theft or violation of policies
  • Watch for mistakes or errors throughout the day
  • Acknowledge the strength of your employees
  • Increase production of your business
  • Boost the sales flow of business
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